Kate Ledwith DSW, LCSW
Psychotherapist, clinical social worker, professor, writer

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Dr. Kate Ledwith

Psychotherapy informs change. If you seek change I will work with you, support you, bear witness to your concerns and/or pain, your healing, and your growth. We can work together to increase possibilities and potential in your life. Regardless of the reason you seek help, our work will honor you, your individual story, and the relationship we create together.

My training and experience as a psychotherapist and clinical social worker make me well equipped to work with individuals seeking to address long standing issues or new emerging problems related to mood, relationships, work, family of origin, and much more. I can work with you in ongoing psychotherapy, in short-term psychotherapy, or with an open template for what may emerge during our process.

Engagement in the process of self-growth and change can be quite powerful. I encourage you to contact me and begin the journey.



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