Kate Ledwith DSW, LCSW
Psychotherapist, clinical social worker, professor, writer

Dr. Ledwith
Client Needs
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Psychotherapy Approach

Psychotherapy approach
I begin with building a trusting and safe relationship with my clients. This relationship provides the foundation for change and offers room for you to explore yourself and the change you seek. The relationship we create together can also help us explore your other relationships and how they contribute to your life.

The relational perspective provides the foundation for my work, but as each person is an individual I use a variety of approaches with clients depending on your need. I will seek to address all aspects of your functioning throughout our work.

Theoretical underpinnings
Human relationships are inherent to our existence, are complex and energizing, and can also be a source of difficulties in functioning. A strong therapeutic relationship lays the foundation for change. I believe strongly in the human ability to change and grow throughout our life cycles. I have extensive training in gestalt therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment theory (including psychodynamic approaches), and mindfulness approaches and integrate these into much of my work. I also have years of experience in Employee Assistance counseling, ongoing psychotherapy, brief treatment models and crisis intervention.




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